Facial Implants

For someone considering facial implants, they should consider the facial implant benefits first. There are different types of facial implant surgery available: cheek implant, chin implant, and jaw implant.

The face is a key part of someone's appearance, and whether you are fighting the efforts of genetics or repairing the injuries from an accident, you can achieve the face that you want and find the right balance through the usage of facial implants. The basic procedure is the insertion of plates in front of the bone in several locations around the face. The procedure is well practiced, using FDA-approved materials, and will help you achieve the look that you want.

Facial Implant Benefits

Those who will receive the most benefit from facial implants are those with skin that has become loose around the face. The success of implants is dependent on the elasticity of surrounding tissue in accepting repositioning of facial features. Those with an appearance of a reduced bone structure will benefit greatly from facial implants. To really determine the best course of action, a consultation with a plastic surgeon is recommended.

Facial Implant Surgery

There are a few locations where plastic surgery may be performed, and it may only take from half an hour to an hour to perform. The patient may be awake with only a local anesthesia applied, or may be asleep under general anesthesia. In rare cases, you may be required to stay over night after the procedure. The most common areas where facial implants are used include the chin, cheek and jaw areas. Depending on your needs, you may be receiving implants in one or many of the areas. For the specific areas:

Cheek Implant

In order to place the implant, the incision is made under the lower eyelid, just above and to either side of the upper portion of the lip. A space will be created by the surgeon, who will insert the implant. After closing the incision, a bandage will be placed to protect the site during recovery. During this time, facial movements will be strained, and you will have guidelines and dietary restrictions as instructed by the doctor.

Chin Implant

The incision for a chin implant is made either above the chin under the lower lip, or below the chin closer to the neck. Then the implant is inserted as above and the site closed and protected. Mouth movement will be difficult, and bruising is likely to appear. In addition to the above guidelines, there will be oral hygiene guidelines.

Jaw Implant

The jaw is approached from either side of the lower lip. From there the procedure follows that for the chin, with some added chance for swelling.